Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams is a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability and chairman and founder of the Clover Carbon Exchange. He has a solid educational background in the fields of environmental economics and sustainable business management.
As Chairman of the Clover Carbon Exchange, he is committed to setting strategic direction and driving innovation. Jonathan's passion for environmental issues and in-depth knowledge of the carbon market make him a trusted advocate for sustainable practices.
Through his leadership, he aims to make Clover Carbon Credit Exchange a trusted trading platform that promotes carbon neutrality and contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.

Chief Executive Officer(CEO)

Christopher Andersen

Christopher Andersen is a senior leader in economics and business management. He has extensive experience and expertise in the carbon trading and environmental sectors.
As CEO of Clover, he is responsible for setting and executing the company's strategic direction and driving the growth and innovation of the carbon rights exchange.
With his leadership and vision, he is committed to building Clover into a leading exchange for tradable blockchain carbon rights.


Philip Peterson

As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CCE, Philip Peterson leverages his extensive deep understanding of Asia Pacific culture to drive operational excellence. Philip’s leadership and industry knowledge contribute significantly to our success and drive us toward a sustainable future.


Paul Newman

Paul Newman leads our company with a relentless commitment to environmental impact. His innovative strategies and deep sustainability expertise drive our mission to reduce carbon emissions and create a greener future. With Paul's visionary leadership, we're at the forefront of sustainability initiatives, benefiting our planet and our clients.

Chief Financial Officer(CFO)

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson is an expert in finance and business administration. He has extensive experience in financial management and risk management.
As Clover's Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for managing the exchange's financial strategy and risk controls to ensure the company's sustainable growth.

Legal Counsel

Michelle Clarkson

Michelle Clarkson is a seasoned lawyer focusing on exchange legal matters and regulatory compliance.
She has extensive experience in exchange structuring and strategy development, including legal issues involving commodity trading, financial derivatives and digital asset trading.
Her expertise ensures Clover operates smoothly in terms of legal compliance and regulation.

Exchange Architect

Thomas Anderson

Thomas Anderson is a 10-year experience exchange architect focused on U.S. and Asian exchanges and regulatory frameworks. He has deep expertise in exchange-traded cleared futures and over-the-counter product development.
He has been involved on the West Texas Intermediate Petroleum Advisory Board, LPG product development and trading, and the launch and trading of Henry Hub natural gas contracts.
He was also an early adopter of the BitGold platform, which makes purchases and payments based on physical gold holdings.

Carbon Finance Analyst

Ryan Patel

Ryan Patel is an expert in finance and sustainable investing.
He has extensive research and analytical experience in carbon finance and environmental finance. A
s a carbon finance analyst, he is responsible for assessing the risks and rewards of carbon trading and carbon finance products, providing strategic and financial analysis for investment decisions.

Expert in carbon footprint measurement and management

David Wilson

ironmental and Sustainability Management

David Wilson is an expert in the field of environmental engineering and sustainability management.
He has in-depth research and hands-on experience in measuring and managing carbon footprints.
He is responsible for measuring and evaluating the carbon emissions of businesses and organizations and providing abatement strategies and management recommendations to help achieve carbon reduction goals.


Our team of climate policy experts brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of environmental regulations and international agreements. They stay abreast of the latest developments in climate policy, ensuring that our Carbon Credit Exchange aligns with the most up-to-date guidelines and standards.