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The whole world is talking about carbon offsets.

Carbon Trading Exchange: A new carbon exchange

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Clover Carbon Exchange is a global carbon exchange in the voluntary carbon market, trading millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide. The CCE team has been assisting businesses, project developers and brokers to buy and sell carbon credits. Our sales and trading teams trade Gold Standard, verify carbon standards and UN CDM credits, including VER, CER, VCU, EUA and EUAA. Our other services include carbon footprint, carbon offsetting, carbon neutrality and carbon project development.

How does the Carbon Trading Exchange work?

  • List carbon offsets
    for sale or buy those that
    are already on the market

  • Register with our custodian
    Create an account to
    purchase listed credits

  • Start trading
    in real-time Instantly
    transfer funds and credit

Clover Carbon Exchange
Exchange advantages

  • Diversified trading products

  • Efficient trade execution

  • Safe and reliable trading environment

  • Transparency and traceability

  • Innovation and future development

These advantages make Clover the ideal choice for carbon trading, providing users with a flexible, efficient and secure trading experience, and driving the development of carbon markets and the achievement of sustainable development goals.

CCE is the most cost-effective and transparent trading platform in the carbon market.

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